• At Aditi Toys, employee safety is our top priority. We provide innovative and reliable solutions to protect your workforce.

  • Experience the magic of aditi toys, where every product is crafted with world class quality and attention to detail. Ignite your child's imagination with our diverse collection of toys.

  • At Aditi Toys, we are committed to creating a safe and eco-friendly play environment for children. Explore our range of toys that prioritise both fun and sustainability.

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Raw Material

At Aditi Toys, our manufacturing process commences with carefully selected raw materials. Our materials are not only safe for the environment but are also BPA-free, with no harmful chemicals introduced during the mixing process.


We pride ourselves on a world-class design that defines our identity. We meticulously craft our products to minimise sharp edges, ensuring the safety of children. Our designs are not only unique but also exemplify a global standard of excellence.

Precision Tooling

At Aditi Toys, precision tooling is the key to unlocking world-class quality. We boast the best manufacturing machines and skilled operators who meticulously craft the most precise toys.

5S At Our Manufacturing

At Aditi Toys, the implementation of 5S is the key to enhancing day-to-day operations at our manufacturing facility. We believe that "everything has its place, and everything in its place," and this philosophy brings us closer to achieving a world-class manufacturing facility within our industry.

Employee Faith & Morale

At Aditi Toys, employee faith and morale are of utmost importance. At our plant, we unite daily in front of our factory with our workers to commence the day with prayers, fostering increased employee confidence and morale.

Precise Hands

At our plant, our employees' precise hands make us truly proud. This precision not only enhances our productivity but also ensures more effective quality checks, contributing to our overall success.


At our plant, sustainability is the most important aspect of our business. We firmly believe that our planet and the environment are more precious than anything else. To reduce our emissions and carbon footprint, we implement 100% recycling of corrugated carton boxes, aiding us in the crucial principles of reduce, recycle, and reuse.