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Chanak Premium Metal Die-Cast Sports Racing Car Toy (Black)

Chanak Premium Metal Die-Cast Sports Racing Car Toy (Black)

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Key Features- 

Metal Car
Realistic Engine Sound
LED Lights
Open & Close Doors
Pull Back Car
Zinc Alloy


🌟 Premium Quality & Safety: Crafted from a blend of premium zinc alloy and ABS plastic, Chanak’s Die-cast car features a robust metal zinc alloy body, interior, and chassis, ensuring durability and safety. Rubber tires provide a realistic appearance and tactile sensation.

🚗 Multifunctional Sports Car: Manual opening front doors, along with engine sound and LED light activation by pressing or moving the front wheels, heighten realism and engagement. Fosters imaginative play for joyful children's playtime.

⚡ Powerful Pull Back Action: Chanak's street racer offers an exciting pull-back action, generating impressive speed. Pull the car back and release it for a thrilling, high-speed play experience mimicking a real sports car.

📏 Product Dimension: Designed on a 1:24 scale with dimensions of 11.8 inches in length, 5.3 inches in width, and 2.7 inches in height. Tailored to fit comfortably in small hands, its compact size ensures easy portability for on-the-go entertainment.

🎁 Great Gift for Kids & Collectors: An ideal present for birthdays, Children's Day, or Christmas, suitable for both boys and girls. It also serves as an attractive decoration for home or office. For adults, these metal model cars make excellent collector's items.

🔧 Realistic Features: Sturdy metal bodies, manual doors, engine sounds, and LED lights provide a realistic and immersive play experience.

🚀 Dynamic Play Experience: Pull-back action recreates the thrill of a real sports car accelerating, making playtime exceptionally exciting and engaging.

🏎️ Compact and Portable: Tailored for small hands, the compact size allows easy portability, ensuring entertainment and enjoyment on the go.

🎀 Versatile Occasion: Chanak's die-cast street racer is suitable for various occasions, adding joy to playtime and enhancing the imaginative world of children.

🤩 Collector's Delight: Beyond being a great toy, these metal model cars are excellent collector's items for adults, combining aesthetics with the thrill of a detailed and well-crafted die-cast car.

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