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Chanak Small Cricket Kit for Boys & Girls, Cricket Set

Chanak Small Cricket Kit for Boys & Girls, Cricket Set

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🏏 Durable Plastic Material: Chanak’s Cricket Kit is crafted from high quality HDPE plastic, ensuring durability and safety for kids during intense outdoor play.

1 Cricket Bat, 1 Plastic Ball, Bails, 3 Stumps with Stand Base

🎉 Comprehensive Kit: This cricket set includes all the essentials for a child's cricket adventure – a plastic bat, a set of 3 stumps with a plastic base, a plastic bail, and a plastic ball. It's the perfect introduction to the world of cricket.

🌟 Versatile Usage: Chanak’s cricket game kit is ideal for various settings, including the backyard, beach vacations, and short trips. The kids' cricket bat promotes communication between children and parents and fosters friendships among kids, adding joy to playtime.

🤝 Enhance HandEye Coordination: The cricket set facilitates simple ball hitting activities, exercising children's hands, waist, and legs. This contributes to improved hand eye coordination, observational skills, and overall physical development.

🏡 Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor: Whether played indoors or outdoors, Chanak’s Small Cricket Kit is suitable for all environments, providing flexibility for kids to enjoy the game wherever they go.

🌈 Safe and Enjoyable: With its high quality plastic construction, the cricket kit ensures a safe and enjoyable play experience for boys and girls, encouraging them to learn and have fun simultaneously.

🏖️ BeachReady Fun: Take the cricket set along to beach vacations, turning any sandy spot into a cricket field. Enjoy the game under the sun, fostering a love for cricket in a playful setting.

🧑‍👦 Family and Friend Bonding: The cricket set serves as a catalyst for family bonding and friendship development among children. It creates opportunities for shared activities, building strong connections.

🌞 Physical and Social Development: Beyond the cricket skills, the kit contributes to physical development and social skills. Kids learn coordination, teamwork, and communication while having a blast with Chanak’s Small Cricket Kit.

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