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Chanak Stacking Ring Toy for Kids

Chanak Stacking Ring Toy for Kids

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🌈 Safe for Kids: Chanak ABS Plastic Stacking Ring Toy is made from HDPE (HighDensity Polyethylene) Blow mould, ensuring strength, durability, and impact resistance. It's nontoxic, free from harmful chemicals, and adheres to BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) toy standards for children's safety.

✨ Smooth Edges and Surfaces: Crafted with care, the rainbow stacking rings feature smooth edges and surfaces, minimising the risk of cuts, scratches, or splinters. Wooden rings provide a gentle and comfortable play experience for kids.

🌟 Vibrant colours: Chanak’s stacking rings come in 5 eye catching vibrant colours, each adorned with a cute teddy on top. The colourful design stimulates children's visual senses and sparks their imagination.

🎓 Educational Value: This stacking ring toy is a valuable educational tool, promoting the development of fine motor skills and cognitive abilities in children. It enhances early problem solving skills as kids differentiate colours, sizes, and shapes during play.

🎁 Perfect Gift for Kids: Chanak’s Rainbow Stacking Classic Toy is an exceptional gift for kids aged 18 months and above. Elevate their hands on, screen free play experience with this engaging and educational toy.

🧠 Cognitive Development: The stacking ring toy contributes to cognitive development, fostering skills that go beyond playtime. It's a fun and interactive way for children to learn and explore the world around them.

🤲 Quality Assurance: All parts of Chanak’s stacking toy are strong, lightweight, and feature a smooth finish, prioritising safety for kids. Rigorous testing and certification according to BIS standards ensure a reliable and secure playtime experience.

🌞 Hours of Fun: With vibrant colours and a playful design, Chanak’s stacking rings provide hours of entertainment and learning. Watch as children engage in imaginative play, stacking and sorting the rings with joy.

🎉 ScreenFree Play Experience: In a world filled with screens, Chanak’s stacking toy offers a welcome break. Encourage hands on play that stimulates creativity and physical coordination.

🌈 Holistic Development: Beyond the stacking fun, this toy nurtures holistic development in children, making it a thoughtful and enriching addition to their playtime activities.

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